Thursday Thoughts

This post was going to be a fiction piece on romance and then a non fiction piecec on adulthood and then piece filled with my rambling thoughts. But now it’s going to be a reflection of sorts.

Today the one and only Prince left this mortal world. I feel as though those words are necessary, more so than he has passed. Various think pieces have categorized him as a ‘celestial being’ or an ‘intergalactic lord’ of sorts. There was something about him that seemed to be beyond what most humans conceive of. He was not your typical sex symbol. His masculinity was ambiguous and he wore that ambiguity as a badge of honor and went beyond the binary gendered terms we have been conditioned to. He was other worldy and wih his passing and that of David Bowie this year, the world has lost 2 major visionaries.

He had his faults and while I’m not familiar with any particular scandal, they need to be taken into account when recounting his legacy.

I wish I had engaged with Prince’s music on a deeper level before he passed. There is so much to learn from his artistry and his influence is undebiable. He was rebellious. He was loyal to his city and fans. He challenged prevailing gender norms. He was more than his name and he wil be missed.

May you rest in peace Jehovah’s sexiest witness. (*Courtesy of Michael K at



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