Friday Night Thoughts

Instead of actually typing out this post, I am dictating it to Google. I’m really liking the use of technology right now and it’s making my process go a bit faster. This post isn’t necessarily traditional, but I think it still counts for my 30 Posts in 30 Days challenge, which I am proud to say I am succeeding in.

With that out the way, today was a fairly good day I watched some TV. “Back to the Future” came on today and I watched it and loved it now as I did when I was younger.

I woke up late as did my little brother, who instead of being like most 14 year olds who when they get sick, decided he wanted to go to school when he felt better. I guess he doesn’t want to stay home with my boring behind. Oh well, that’s fine. I’ll chill with my grandparents. They’re cool anyway. Also education is important!

I went to the library and dropped off some books. I ate a gyro and the workers in the restaurant called me “mami.” There are very few instances where somebody calling me “mami”, or its English variation, is acceptable and that is one of them.

I walked around my hometown trying to find a piece of cake, when I realized that there is actually no traditional bakery in my hometown. Very very upsetting. I just want a bakery!! I don’t necessarily need coffee and real food. I just want to get a piece of cake and leave!!

This post is kind of all over the place, my apologies, but my thoughts are all over the place right now and this post reflects that. But awesome dictation. Thank you Google.




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