A Short Note

Today was a good day until it wasn’t. I woke up early, the sense of renewed engagement continuted to flow through my veins. I made it to my destination, la casa de mis abuelos, when I desired and I worked diligently. Hours upon hours, I sent off resume upon resume, cover letter upon cover letter. I constantly checked my inbox, hoping for a response from one of the hundreds job requests I had sent out prior. Nothing. Dead air. It was a let down that clouded my day and I was only able to get from under this darkness when I stopped working, taking a break from the stress.

Sometimes you need to step back, distance yourself from the thing that is causing you anxiety, grief, uncertainty, if you can. This process of looking for work may require more days of that then I like to admit, but it’s a work in progress, one that will hopefully lead to something exciting, challenging, and important





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