Sunday Funday

This is the week where I approach my unemployment like employment. That is, waking up early, working dilligently from 9-5, and maybe hating myself only a little. After my integrity was left mangled on Saturday night (I was in one of my ever frequent moods where I make awesome plans early in the week, flake, and instead stay home watching TV till 3am), I woke up today with a renewed joie de vivre.

I DRANK EIGHT GLASSES OF WATER! I WENT GROCERY SHOPPING!! I HELPED MY GRANDMA CLEAN THE PORCH!  I FINISHED READING A BOOK! Those are all acomlishments I’m proud of — considering I do a whole lotta nothing most Sundays—and could led to better accomplishments during this week, perhaps even an interview…

While I enjoy spending my weekends at home chillin with my family, watching too much TV, wasting hours and wondering how I did so, I need to get out more. My mom has told me as much. And there is a correlation between my employment and my social life, more of a causation between the two now that I think about it.

With all that mentioned, I hope that Monday is the start of a great week for all.



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