There go my good intentions…

I had every intention of keeping my blog up to date during my time in Chile. Well, that time has passed and this blog has not been updated since November. For someone who claims to want to be a professional writer, I do write conspicuously little.

Things have happened since then; traumatic things to the wider world, a resounding lack of drama in my own life, but nothing that hindered me writing. I was holding myself back, letting the fear of failure prevent me from actually failing or succeeding. The human psyche is a fascinating machine.

In my attempts to change, that I’ve vowed to write a blog post every day for a month. Yes, I’ve decided to do so in this very here moment.

So my good intentions are no more. Here’s to being active, here’s to doing what needs to be done to make your dreams come true, here’s to being gainfully employed, here’s to having integrity. I’m on it.

It may be nearly April, but “New Year’s Resolutions” still apply. You can change yourself whenever you feel the need to.



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