The Departure and The Arrival

It’s been over a month since I updated this blog with my last post, and nearly nearly that long since I’ve started teaching in Arica. So many things have occurred and I will try to explain as much as I possibly can. This is the first of many updates in the upcoming days. Be on the lookout!


I arrived in Arica on a Monday afternoon. I flew from Santiago with Caleb and Chase by my side, ready to embark on this new adventure and wholly unsure of what was to come. As the plane took off, I decided to read an email from my father that I had put off for days.

I am sure that after all the thought you put into this as well as leaving corporate, nothing really prepares you for the reality.  For all that you did to reach this place, know that I am oh so proud of you.  Words can never really state how true that is. “ –August 8th, 2015

His words hit me, more than I was excepting and I began to cry on the flight. My father has always been a master of words. My parents have supported me from day one, when I announced that I was applying for the program, they were joyful that I was doing something I had always dreamed of and leaving a job that left me emotional bereft. They supported me as I worked my 9-5, keeping the truth of my departure under wraps. Their support never wavered. But my support in myself did. I anxiously consulted my friend and co-worker Hellen day after day, wondering if I was doing the right thing. On the day I left, I had trouble checking my bags and getting through security; I almost broke down in the airport. If my mother wasn’t there, who knows what might have happened.

When I arrived in Santiago with the desire to be the best version of myself, I suffered from restless night after restless night, unsure if I was making a good decision, not wanting my vulnerabilities to shine through my friendly exterior; mind and heart racing simultaneously, a sign of anxiety that has plagued me at times.

My self doubt was ever present, but these words from my father reminded me that he will always have my back. The man who has supported me from day one, who has given me time, patience, and love, will never falter. And that made all the difference.

I disembarked from the plane with my father’s words resonating in my mind, sure that I was doing what I was meant to do.


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