Ode to the dogs of Chile

DSC_0471 LR
I look at you in your four legged glory

Warm against the cold wind

Human clothes enshrined on your back

Nourishment filling your belly

You looked cared for

Even loved

By the millions in this country

Who have taken your presence on

The street

As a normalcy

Perros de los calles

You are a testament to what your brethren

Thousands of miles away could potentially be

With your cool calm demeanor

With your ragged t-shirts keeping you warm

Cute to no end

A welcome bark on the commute home

A sleeping face on the corner

An unwelcome chase on a bicycle

You are a treasure to behold in a country that has an abundance of them



Published by: Symone P. Harris

A recent graduate of Northwestern University, Symone is the alias of someone who doesn't want her parents or future employers to know this blog exists, not for fear of persecution, but simply because she already has one too many social networking platforms under her real name. Contact her via twitter for more comprehensive information.

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