“This is the first step to becoming the person you want to be,” she said to me as I waited to board the airplane for what may become a life defining decision.  She, my aunt, was completely correct as she spoke to me. For years prior to this moment, I was stuck in a job that left me unfulfilled, tired, emotionally detached, but compensated on a bi-weekly basis. I could forgive the negatives while accentuating the positives each day. But there came a point when no amount of compensation could prevent me from yelling “I hate everyone” to my computer. It was these moments and more that lead to this moment in the airport. 

It’s been 3 years since I’ve graduated from NU and I’ve changed in countless ways. I’m more willing to let people see my humor and make a fool of myself. I’ve opened up to individuals about my beliefs, more willing to let my introspection seep through my extrovert exterior. I’ve met amazing people that I will have in my life forever. I’ve been able to reconnect with my family, recognize the privileges that I’ve grown up with, and the injustices that we have accepted as normalities. I’ve realized that life is too short to remain in situations that you can alter at the drop of a hat. I never thought I’d be a cog in  that well oiled machine we called the corporate world, working behind a desk in an unsatisfying career, slowly hating myself and the position I was in. But I was, for sometime, and now I’m not. I am slowly, but surely becoming an adult and it’s not too bad.



Published by: Symone P. Harris

A recent graduate of Northwestern University, Symone is the alias of someone who doesn't want her parents or future employers to know this blog exists, not for fear of persecution, but simply because she already has one too many social networking platforms under her real name. Contact her via twitter for more comprehensive information.

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