Golden Boy: Book Review

15803173I recently wrote a review for Abigail Tarttelin’s newly released novel, “Golden Boy.” It’s  a beautiful written novel, with intriguing characters and a engrossing plot. Check it out here.


Caveats/Notes: Since this is a British book, I refer to things as they would be called in the UK, so football is not American football. Furthermore, I wrote this review with as sensitive as touch as I could. If you have any issues or concerns regarding the gendered language I used, please feel free to contact me on Twitter @Symonepharris

I was 15 when I first read Jeffrey Eugenides’ Pulitzer Prize winning novel Middlesex. It was my initial exposure to individuals that held nonconforming gender identities and ambiguous biological sex. Middlesex was a coming of age story, a family story, an American travel journal. Remembering the enlightenment I gained from Eugenides’ second novel, I was compelled to read Golden Boy by Abigail Tarttelin…[continue]


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