Janelle Monáe and Miguel

When I happen to come across new music at a time when I truly question the capabilities of major music companies, it’s like the sky has opened and aural manna has rained down on the heads of the parched populous. Case in point, the recently release “Primetime” by Janelle Monáe off her upcoming album. The  slowly building intro sets the tone for this song about the perfect time for love. It’s sparse and beautiful. Monáe and Miguel’s voices seamlessly flow from one another. They are sensual and tender, something that you always need in an R&B love song. Plus, how can you not love the added guitar solo?

Monáe’s star has been rising and I am excited to see what she brings with this new album.  I am ashamed to say, I haven’t listened to her music in-depth yet, but this song has convinced me to do so.  As for Miguel, well, you can say that 2013 has been an amazing year for him. “Kaleidoscope Dreams” is definitely one of my favorite albums of  2012 and 2013 only brought him more popularity, due in part to his collaboration with Mariah Carey and J.Cole. He is talented in his own right, but R&B needs a resurgence of the duet and Miguel definitely brings it, hard.


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