What makes a mother?

For the past few weeks, I have been musing on what it means to be a woman, without the presence of its societal and sexual antithesis, a man. And what it means to be a mother is intrinsically tied to being a woman for many. If you are a woman and have some motherly instinct, then you are a mother or a surrogate one. But what about the men out there that have to take on the role of mother to the people in their lives? The men who may not follow the rules of traditional, limiting masculinity. The men that have a maternal instinct for their offspring. These individuals I would consider mothers too and I see no problem with that.

Calling someone a mother is a badge of honor; a sign of strength. It is a title that signifies a person who can be nurturing and selfless.  It is a title that is earned through blood, sweat, tears, and most importantly, love. Being a called a mother is not a right, it is privilege that is bestowed upon someone not by biologically giving birth to another human being, but by being a present, consistent, loving individual.

Not every woman is a mother, not every mother is a woman, not every mother is a Mother. So on this Mother’s day, honor those people in your life that you consider mothers. Tell them you love them as you should everyday. Give them a hug and a kiss if you can. Remember and honor their lives in someway. Love the mothers in your life as they love you.

Happy Mother’s Day




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