The Ultimate Bromance

This is what I want to write. How can I be a traveling journalist?

Thought Catalog

and Chris Walker

Most friendships have a time and place that define them. Contexts to give them structure. People tend to compartmentalize their social networks, taking individuals in measured doses. There might be a buddy for beer drinking. A co-worker to gossip with. And a family friend to confide in. Each relationship is unique, a contract between individuals to fill some part of each other’s lives.

Of course, friends enjoyed too long in the wrong context can become distant. Usually, that doesn’t have to happen. Friends can always take a break when nerves start to fray.

The two scrappy young Americans camped on the lawn south of Paris would not be able to have that luxury – a fact they did not fully appreciate. They would be stuck together for two years.

Chris swore under his breath. The problems were already starting. He was fidgeting with a camp stove, and…

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