LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Thanks, but no thanks

Perhaps one of the reasons I never dated at NU. Plus ELITISM SUCKS!!!

The Daily Princetonian

Class of 2012

Dear Ms. Patton,

I’ve dated your son and, thanks, but no thanks.

No, I haven’t literally dated your son, but I’ve dated Princeton (male) undergrads, both while in school and while a graduate. What I’m about to say is going to anger a lot of people moms: Just because a young man attended Princeton does not make him a good husband. 

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Published by: Symone P. Harris

A recent graduate of Northwestern University, Symone is the alias of someone who doesn't want her parents or future employers to know this blog exists, not for fear of persecution, but simply because she already has one too many social networking platforms under her real name. Contact her via twitter for more comprehensive information.

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