Too long for Facebook

Let’s be serious. Fifty Shades of Grey was pure crap. Completely and utterly so. Some of the most asinine,vapid writing I’ve ever encountered and I was a piss poor writer in high school. I agree with Bauerlein on that. But The Marriage Plot as a pinnacle of adult literature that takes us “youngins” out of adolescence? Maybe; yes the characters are not infantile and it made me think about my future, but I would say that the novel is not a reflection of the world.  As much as I love Eugenides, I could not bring my self to love this dense piece of self-reflection.  Yes the characters are the quintessential young college grads looking for themselves, but they are also insufferable and I could not identify with them. Perhaps the author shouldn’t have mentioned Eugenides in this article, I think it does him a disservice. And perhaps I need to read some Roth to find a young adult in critical acclaimed novels that I can like. (Maybe I just need to read that article again and come up with a better argument or just write a review on The Marriage Plot and why I was so disappointed.)


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